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About me

I am a fully qualified and certified SMP technician. I work with pride and high-level precision.

I have been a barber for over 15 years. During this time I have had many customers who really struggled with hair loss. Many of us know exactly how depressing it is when you start losing your hair and becoming bald, especially when we still feel young, can be challenging.

In looking for the solution many individuals found having surgery like a hair transplant as a not affordable. The idea of travelling abroad for special treatment was not always viable for my clients. To be fair there was no convenient solution available on the market for hair loss. Clearly, action was needed, and within short time I shared the idea of treating the scalp with pigment (SMP). For my clients now it has proved to be life time solution to cover baldness, receding hair, scars, post transplant scars and alopecia.

I have the Master barber’s skills and experience with my customers’ scalps and hairlines to be able to create the best natural follicles effects, using SMP technology. After all, who else would you trust to know most about your hairlines, density, and natural look?

The other advantage of having treatment with me is that only me who will take care of the full process of your hair rejuvenation. I do not share my clients between sessions with other technicians; by doing this, I have total control of the treatment, which has tremendous impact on the finished effect.

In addition, I work locally so you do not need to travel far for the treatment, and flexible working hours give you opportunity to meet either early mornings or late evenings.

Moreover, you can see my work on my previous happy clients in the clinic and you are free to ask them any questions. I always provide very professional and detailed work so please do not hesitate to treat yourself with the best possible natural and fresh look.

Certified SMP Technician
Sebastian Ryszard Pawlak

Intrigue you read questions

Does SMP make hair grow?

No. SMP gives the visual effect of naturally regrowing hair and vividly resembles hair follicles, but it does not make hair grow.

Is SMP treatment permanent?

The ink could stay in the skin for many years, but gradually fades and turns lighter over the time.

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