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Standard Procedure

There are few simple steps:

1. Please take some photos of your head : (front, top, back and sides) and send them to my mobile:

07578737977 or email: pawlak.seba@gmail.com

I will evaluate the price for your case based on the size of the hair loss from the photos you sent me.






2. Straight after you will get the information with the full price for the treatment.




3.Consultation in the clinic ;

  • We meet in the clinic where I explain everything about the treatment and ask about your health: allergies,medications
  • We can also discuss other hair loss solutions which may suits you better.
  • At this stage, we can set the day for the 1st session.




4. First session  ( before and after ) :


5. After the 1st session we wait 7-10 days for your skin to be fully healed.




6. Before 2nd session we can still adjust your hairline and shade of the pigment:





6. Effect after 2nd session:

7. 7-10 days brake (healing process) after each session.




8. Last session :


Intrigue you read questions

Does SMP make hair grow?

No. SMP gives the visual effect of naturally regrowing hair and vividly resembles hair follicles, but it does not make hair grow.

Is SMP treatment permanent?

The ink could stay in the skin for many years, but gradually fades and turns lighter over the time.

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