FAQ, if you have any more questions regarding the process, feel free to reachout to me !

Does SMP make hair grow?

No. During the treatment the skin is treated with micropigment which replicates hair follicles, creating the look of regrown hair. However it has no damaging impact on your existing hair.

Is SMP treatment permanent?

The SMP treatment can last for many years, considering that you responsibly follow aftercare advice. Over the years micropigment fades and you may like to extend longevity of your SMP for another years ,having only small maintenance
( touch-up session). Touch-up  cost fraction of the whole treatment amount.

Can I refresh the look after a few years?

Of course. You are always welcome to come to add extra density or darken the hair look a few shades with 1 or 2 sessions.

Is the treatment painful?

90% of my clients have said there is little pain and have received treatment without painkillers. But if you feel uncomfortable during the treatment you can take paracetamol.

Is SMP only for men?

Absolutely not. Anyone who suffers loss of hair can be treated.

Does micropigmentation look like real hair?

Yes. SMP is not detectable because there is no visible difference between hair and SMP. No one will notice that you have SMP on your skin.

Do people suffer any side effects after the treatment?

No. I use only natural products – a vegan pigment which is 100% safe.

How long does the SMP process normally take?

The full process of the SMP usually takes three sessions. The time-scale is usually like this:

· the treatment of the first session – 2-4hours
· 2nd and 3rd sessions up to – 3hours
· breaks between sessions (healing process) – 10 days

Can I go to work after the treatment?

Yes. The treatment is not invasive and does not require to have any brake from your work.
The other advantage of the treatment sessions is that your head will gradually form thicker hair look after each session as natural process of regrown hair. Which means that people from work may think that your hair start growing again.
Scalp micropigmentation, SMP
Scalp micropigmentation
Scalp micropigmentation
Scalp micropigmentation, SMP